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ToooAir PTToC

ToooAir PTToC (Push-To-Talk over cellular) cloud-based communication solution

From the press of a button your voice is being sent through the cellular network or internet to the ToooAir cloud which securely forwards the transmission to other users connected to your cloud. The ToooAir PTToC solution is not restricted by range or states, the coverage is Australia wide.

ToooAir hosts a dedicated yet flexible virtual communication cloud designed around your custom requirements. This virtual cloud is then accessed from a range of different products from dedicated hardware (TA-Radio range) through to software like our app and PC dispatcher.

  • Cloud based platform
  • 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi
  • One to One (Private Call)
  • One to Many (Group Call)
  • Unlimited Groups
  • GPS Radio Location Tracking, Geofencing
  • SOS Duress Alerts
  • Unit Stun- Remote disable

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