Wave PTX PoC

Wave  PTX

Connect teams at the push of a button with Motorola WAVE PTX™​​​​​​​

Motorola’s WAVE PTX™ push-to-talk app enables you to connect people on different devices in different locations together in one conversation.
WAVE PTX™ is a subscription-based service which offers the speed and simplicity of professional radio push-to-talk (PTT) communication with the ability to connect radios, mobiles and broadband devices. It enables users to talk one to one or one to many and share details via text, photo, video or file attachment.

Additionally, WAVE PTX™ Dispatcher enables you to track your mobile teams on a map and dispatch workers based on real-time location.

  • Use Your Radio Anywhere
  • 3GPP MCPTT & OMA PoC Compliant
  • Connect Using Mobile Phone Signal or WiFi
  • Fully Manageable Dispatch Console
  • Browser/Cloud Based – Use Anywhere
  • Shared Cross-Device Contact List
  • Private & Group Conversations
  • Priority Interrupt & All Call
  • Active Status Shows When Users Are Online
  • GPS Radio Location Tracking
  • Lone Worker 
  • Message Logs
  • Bluetooth Headset Options