Wireless Communications Solutions

With many year of experience in the Wireless Communications industry specialising in Voice communications. Ondacomms can design and install a communications solution to
enable effective voice and data communications for any organisation. Voice communications provides the most efficient working environment or event, when reliable and fit for purpose.
We specialise in custom solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Find the right products at the right price.

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Two-Way Radio communications is the backbone of workplace communications as it provides instant 1-to-1 and 1-to-Many communications at the push of a button. Two-way radios are available in Mobile Vehicle and Hand-held Portable configurations and designed for a variety of applications. Used radio to radio Simplex or as part of a larger repeater system Duplex, a Two-Way radio allows for a safer and more effective work environment.

– Two-Way portable and mobile radios
– Repeaters and Infrastructure
– Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
– Wide area networks
– Radio system interfacing
– Terminal accessories

With ever-increasing in size and reliability, the cellular networks provide an alternative from traditional Two-Way radio with Push-to-Talk over Cellular, PoC. PoC uses the Cellular networks to provide the data back bone the PoC operations. Vehicle mounts with large displays to professional slim portable devices, PoC provides the functionality of a Two-Way radio with a whole lot more.

– Group and Individual calling
– Nationwide coverage (within cellular networks range)
– Wi-Fi or Private LTE network
– Full Software interfacing
– Voice and Data recording
– GPS, Inbuilding tracking
– Job management

The need for reliable phone coverage in your home or business has never been more important. We rely on this form of communications more and more for our safety, business operations and personal contact. We provide solutions to rebroadcast the external mobile phone signal into a building and areas where the signal is not adequate, in your office, factory, basements/car parks or just your home.

– Telstra, Optus and Vodafone
– Single carrier or multi-carrier solutions
– Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
– Site coverage surveys
– Target area solutions
– RF cable and Cat6 solutions
– Antennas and hardware options

Two-Way Radio Hire

Two-Way Radio Hire, Event Communications Management

With experience in small to large scale communications hire and event communications management. We can assist your company with short and long term Two-way radio and PoC terminal hire, frequency/channel hire and wide area network hire and Event equipment management with monitoring.

– Portable Two-Way radio hire
– Repeater/Frequency hire
– Wide Area Network hire
– PoC Terminal Hire
– PoC Applications
– Event hire
– Event Communications Management

Communicate with staff and work mates in a noisy environment and over a short to medium distance with crystal clear full duplex audio. Increase productivity and safety while protecting your hearing from high levels of back ground noise. Our Wireless headset range is utilised is a variety business and industries providing excellent communications .

– Full Duplex audio
– Single and Dual muff options
– Industrial noise proofing
– Up to 400m range
– Mixed style package options
– 2-to-Many headsets
– Advanced base station unit

Software, GPS/Indoor Tracking

We provide a range of software packages that can complement and enhance the functionality of your communications solution. Use your Two-way radio network or PoC solution to provide tracking and management of your staff and assets, improving your businesses productivity. Duress alarming and location gives greater safety for you staff, your most important asset.

– GPS tracking/Locating
– Indoor tracking
– Messaging and Job dispatch
– Voice recording
– SCADA/Alarm interfacing
– Duress alarming and location
– Fleet management

Government Radio Network GRN

Inbuilding coverage, Coverage Surveys

The GRN, Government Radio Network provides vital radio communications for our emergency and public services. GRN coverage through-out buildings and public spaces is required to enable emergency services to communicate effectively during site visits. We can provide analysis of the GRN coverage at a location and assist in any GRN solution.

– GRN Site Surveys
– GRN Coverage Reports
– Approved Terminals
– Re-broadcast solution
– Targeted signal options
– GRN Documentation
– Telco Authority inter-facing

Technology Interfacing

Gateways, Networking

We at Ondacomms provide bespoke solutions and interface different technologies to meet our customers needs. Connect your Two-Way Radio network, Push-to-Talk application and PC based dispatch console together via a Network Gateway to extend communications between all technologies. The best way to migrate to newer technolgies to take advantage of advanced features and audio.

– Gateways
– Network linking
– Software solutions
– Hardware interfacing
– Audio linking
– Console application
– Communications Management