Eartec Wireless Headsets

Communicate in loud noisy environments with crystal clear Full Duplex communications (Simultaneous TX and RX, no Push-to-talk).
Talk to your team as if they were standing next to you.
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We provide industrial and recreational headsets for all types of applications, manufacturing, warehousing, sporting events etc.

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Eartec- UltraLITE

UltraLITE are revolutionary headsets that eclipse all other full duplex systems for performance and convenience because the transceiver is built right inside the ear cup. This self-contained, “All in One” design eliminates wires and belt worn radios. And since UltraLITE do not require complicated base stations users can remain in constant full duplex voice contact even while on the move.

– DECT 6 Technology
– Up to 400m range
– Links up to 5 Users Direct headset linking
– Light weight Single or dual muff
– 6 Hours operation
– Adjustable boom
– All-in-one NO belt pack
– Available in packages with case

Eartec- The Hub

The EARTEC HUB provides full duplex wireless communication up to 9 people that need to stay in constant voice contact while working with their hands. This versatile Mini Base weighs only 256 grams. and can either be placed strategically or belt worn. When clipped to the user’s waist this digital repeater moves seamlessly with your group allowing crews to talk simultaneously within a 400m range.

– Radio to Hub to Radio
– DECT 6 Technology
– Mini duplex base unit
– Expand users to 9
– 2 Ch operation
– Static or belt worn
– Battery and AC Mains
– Plug in headset
– No licensing required

Eartec- UltraPAK

The Eartec UltraPAK is a professional full duplex intercom for people that need to communicate and work with their hands.  This compact system features one UltraPAK with lightweight Cyber headset.  UltraPA utilise Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT) to provide professional, simultaneous talk wireless communication within a 400m range. 

– DECT 6 Technology
– Up to 400m Open space
– Light weight headset and belt pack
– Single muff
– Long battery operation
– Multi charge bays
– Used with belt box
– Padded case included

Headset Packages

The UltraLITE headsets, Hub and PAK come in a variety of packages to suit most headset requirements, pre-paired and ready to go. The headset packages come with all the batteries and charger slots needed along with a padded carry case. Each package must contain a “Master Unit” which could be an UltraLITE or a Hub, the rest are “Remotes”. We can make up packages if not listed.

– Each Packages requires a Master Unit
– UltraLITE Master and up to 4 Remotes, 5 total
– Hub Master and up to 8 Remotes, 9 total
– Masters cannot be Remotes
– Battery and Charger included
– Padded carry case included

Wireless Full Duplex Headsets