MotoTRBO DP3661e DMR Portable Radio

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MotoTRBO DP3661e

Analogue/DMR Front of House Radio

With a compact design, IMPRES™ energy and high performance integrated voice and data, the MOTOTRBO DP3661e delivers comprehensive connectivity to your organisation. Designed for the mobile professional who needs effective communication, the DP3661e ensures you’re more agile, better connected and safe.

– VHF: 136-174MHz, UHF :403-527 MHz
– 1000 channels
– Up to 5W (4W UHF)
– Bluetooth 4, Enhanced  Audio
– 100H x 55W x 36D mm
– IP68, 5 Year Warranty
– Digital Trunking, GPS, WIFI
– Duress Features, Man Down
– Long Battery Life (up to 28 Hours)
– Compact design

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