LTE Internal Glass Mount Antenna
(617-5925 MHz); 4m SMA(M)

Internal Glass Mount Antenna

RFI 5G LTE (617-5925 MHz); 4m SMA(M)

The T5 Series brings exceptional signal strength and quality in a 360-degree radiation pattern due to its omni-directional design while maintaining high peak gains and efficiencies. This antenna is designed with CAT-M technology taking LTE into the next generation of IoT applications making it fully compatible with existing LTE networks and reducing implementation costs for carriers via backward compatibility.  In addition, this antenna is a great solution to prepare for worldwide future technology such as NR (New Radio). The T5 Series offers NB-IoT (CAT-M2) designed to send data directly to primary servers eliminating the need for a gateway and keeping implementation costs low.

Key Features:
Wideband frequency range; 617 to 5925 MHz
– Covers all LTE cellular bands including the new 700MHz (4GX/4G+) band
– Adhesive mount
Ground Plane Independent
Compact size: 116 x 22 x 6.7 mm

$23.03 Inc gst