Two-Way Radio Hire

Short or Long Term

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Two-Way Radio Hire

Short and Long term hires

We can provide hire radios for any application, short term hires for an 1-2 day event, long term hire to cover a project. We provide rates based on the number of radios and days needed.

Hire radios are high quality Motorola or Kenwood radios, we can also provide Push-to-talk over carrier (PoC) radios if the application suits.

– Portable radio hire
– Desk top Base Radio hire
– Repeater hire
– Crane radio hire
– Single or Multi-bay chargers provided
– Ear pieces includes
– Remote Speaker Microphone options
– Spare batteries included
– Minimum of 4 radio hire

Contact Ondacomms for a quote.

SKU: MOT-4000-P-1 Categories: , ,