Pulse Directional Coupler 3 Port,

698-2700MHz, 10dB

Pulse Directional Coupler – 3 Port

698-2700MHz, 10dB

Pulse 3-Port Directional Couplers are suitable for use in a variety of RF combining, sampling and power splitting applications. Typically used in Distributed Antenna Systems for distributing power throughout feeder cable networks. Pulse Directional Couplers offer a low cost solution, covering cellular bands from 694 to 2700MHz, with low loss and low Passive Inter-Modulation performance.
Primarily used for optimising feeder cable signal distribution in distributed antenna networks.

Key Features:
– Broadband performance covering 698-2700Mhz
– N type connections
– 150dBc Low PIM
– High quality design

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