Mesh Parabolic Antenna, 0.6M, 698-3800MHz

Mesh Parabolic Antenna

RFI LTE Grid Antenna (698-3800 MHz); 4.3-10 Connector(F)

RFI’s LTE SISO Parabolic antenna has been designed to maximise throughput for modern LTE/5G repeater systems.
Featuring wideband, Low PIM performance and high gain, this product minimises noise thus maximising SINR, to deliver an improved level of reliability and predictability via a cleaner, more direct link to donor sites

– Outdoor
– Directional antenna, 10/21/24 Dbi Gain
– 698 MHz to 3.8 GHz
– 0.5m cable with 4.3-10 Connector (adaptor required)
– Lightweight yet durable design
– IP67

Pole and clamps required