The HUB Wired Interface

The HUB Interface

Full Duplex / Eliminate Floor Cables

HUB-INT interface systems are the answer to the age-old problem of how to affordably add wireless headsets to permanently installed wired intercoms.

Eartec has met this challenge by engineering a special software controlled circuit that plugs into the wired party line and a HUB, mini wireless base station repeater. Push button adjustments balance the signal levels between the wired system and the HUB creating a seamless audio link.

Up to eight crew utilizing UltraLITE or UltraPAK transceivers can roam freely connected with the wired system just as if they were plugged in by a floor cable.

Operating in the non-licensed DECT band (Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology), the HUB Interface series with UltraLITE or UltraPAK is not affected by and will not interfere with other RF equipment such as WiFi or wireless microphones.

To get started with a wireless to wired interface first visit the HUB page and learn all about the outstanding performance features of this compact digital signal relay.

All customized Interface packages includes a HUB along with an Interface module. Finish formulating a customized wireless package by mix and matching any combination of UltraLITE wireless headsets and or UltraPAK transceivers with discreet lightweight headsets (up to 8) that will connect seamlessly with your wired system.

Note: We hold limited stock of Eartec products and order as required direct from Eartec in the USA.
The items are air freighted and take 1-3 weeks to land in Australia.