Eartec EVADE E-Pak Packages

Intercom with bluetooth connectivity

Eartec EVADE E-Pak Lazer Pro Package

The EVADE E-Pak is the most dynamic product that Eartec has engineered in our entire 60-year history. This compact full duplex transceiver provides hands free, simultaneous talk communication and also includes a second RF module that allows use of lightweight wireless headsets. This versatility accommodates personnel that need discreet communication free of traditional plug-in wired headsets.

Evade E-Pak work right out of the box without a base station, tuning, or FCC licensing. These lightweight, digital transceivers weigh only 2.5 oz. and can be worn tucked inside a pocket or clipped to clothing. To operate simply snap in a charged Li-poly battery (included), turn the units “ON” and pair one of Eartec’s wireless headsets. All radios in a system automatically connect providing an open line talking pattern for up to nine users within a 300-yard range (line of sight, terrain dependent).

Matched with the best wireless headset the Lazer-Pro Bluetooth headset. The Lazer-Pro links wirelessly to the E-Pak.  Featuring bone conduction transmission, volume control on microphone.

– Frequency Hopping Technology
– Up to 8 remote unit connected to 1 Main, 9 total
– link Main for up to 32 headsets
– Up to 400m Open space
– Light weight belt pack
– Dual and Single muff headset options
– Long battery operation
– Multi charge bays
– Used with belt clip
– Padded case included packages

Note: We hold limited stock of Eartec products and order as required direct from Eartec in the USA.
The items are air freighted and take 1-3 weeks to land in Australia.