Eartec EVADE Dual Speaker MAIN Headset

Eartec ECADE Dual Muff Headset

EARTEC Evade– Light Industrial Full Duplex Wireless Intercom w/ Dual Speaker Headsets

EVADE Full Duplex Intercoms with Double Speaker headsets are the next generation of simple, sound, pro audio team communication systems. These Light Heavyweight self-contained wireless feature all electronics including a compact radio built inside the ear cups eliminating wires and belt packs. Since they operate without complicated base stations EVADE Double provide affordable and reliable full duplex voice contact to demanding production crews. They are built rugged, are super easy to operate, and totally portable.
Complete Evade intercoms include one “MAIN” headset that relays the digital signals generated by up to eight “Remote” units. The resulting open line talking pattern allows up to nine users to talk simultaneously and hands-free within ¼ mile range. EVADE headsets utilize Frequency Hopping technology, automatically switching channels in order to easily circumvent interference. They also include EARTEC’s Auto Mute Mic boom that can be worn on either left or right and automatically mutes the transmit signal when set to the UP position. Lithium Polymer batteries (included) charge externally and are field replaceable which allows purchase of spare batteries extending the run time. Field programmable and expandable EVADE do not interfere with other RF equipment. A multi-port Battery Charger and padded storage / transport case are included.

Note: We hold limited stock of Eartec products and order as required direct from Eartec in the USA.
The items are air freighted and take 1-3 weeks to land in Australia.