ROAM R41 Marine Package- Telstra or Optus

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Cel-Fi R41

CEL-FI ROAM R41 Marine Package

Introducing the latest addition in the Nextivity product lineup, CEL-FI ROAM R41, a plug-and-play cellular coverage solution, with a quick and easy setup, designed to keep everyone connected anywhere they are.

CEL-FI ROAM R41 is created to solve any mobile voice and data coverage disruptions, ensuring that reliable 3G, 4G, and 5G connectivity is delivered, while on the move.



The ROAM R41 is equipped with the 4th generation IntelliBoost chip, ensuring that no issues will be caused when on the move. Whether making a call, sending a text, listening to music, or making sure that you are on the correct route while driving or sailing, ROAM R41 delivers you with the utmost cellular coverage.


The ROAM R41 offers a quick and easy installation via the plug-and-play operation, designed to improve cellular connectivity when on the move.


The ROAM R41 is approved and operating across all Australian 3G/4G/5G* frequency bands. The ROAM R41 delivers reliable 3G/4G/5G mobile voice and data coverage anywhere within the network.

Functioning on more frequency bands including B1/2100, B3/1800, B5/850, B7/2600, B8/900, B26/850, and B28L/700L, ROAM R41 can be switched between Telstra and Optus (one carrier at a time).

To quickly change or switch between operators, simply download the CEL-FI WAVE app, on iOS and Android devices.

*Does not include Band 78 (3500MHz) but will support 5G DSS operation when deployed by operators.

Works Best with RFI antennas.

The ROAM R41 covers most Frequency bands for the Australian market from 698MHz up to 2700MHz.  The RFI CDQ8195 series is one of the few marine grade antennas available that support this whole frequency range.

$1,305.70 Inc gst

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