G41 Booster Box Hire

Cel-Fi Booster Box Hire

Temporary Mobile phone indoor coverage

We build in-house and hire temporary Cel-Fi booster boxes that are able to provide 3 carrier coverage to large space for the duration of a build or event.
– Provide phone coverage to the basement of a building during construction
– Improve phone coverage for major events or Emergencies.
– Give your guests the best experience for an event when the coverage is know to be an annoyance.

The equipment is installed in a water proof Pelican case and located where the signal is required, 240V needed. Temporary antennas and cable is required to pick up the signal from an elevated location and rebroadcast it in the targeted areas.


  • 3 Carrier solution- Telstra, Optus and Vodafone
  • 3G, 4G, with 5G possible with firmware upgrade coming.
  • Donor antenna required installed at high external postion
  • Internal Serving antennas for targeted areas
  • Up to 3000 m2 coverage area
  • Antennas installed and removed as part of the hire or as one off payment
  • Remote Monitoring, and alarming for pro-active response to outages
  • Hire per month, price will vary depending on the length of hire.